Simulations of pedestrian dynamics

In Divulgation can be find  simulations of pedestrian dynamics. (Diferentes simulaciones de dinámica peatonal pueden hallarse en la solapa Divulgación.)

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Posters at the DF Abierto 2017

In Posters you can find the posters presented at the DF Abierto (los pósters que presentamos en el DF Abierto ya se encuentran publicados en la solapa Posters).

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Update of posters

In Posters we update our last posters (nuestros últimos posters ya se encuentran en la solapa Posters).

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Grupo de Estudios Básicos e Interdisciplinarios is an interdisciplinary team that focuses on interface science, supported from basic research areas such as physics, chemistry and biology.  Our working program handles either experimental and computer simulated data of complex systems, and involves developments in two broad areas of research:

  • Search and analysis of emergent behavior and meaninfgul structures in complex systems
  • Low dimensional modelling of complex systems

Our scientific efforts are undertaken under a common research program, rooted in dynamical systems and statistical mechanics techniques. Current achievements in these major areas are the result of a strong commitement towards an interdisciplinary working philosophy.

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